Slate Roofing

Slates have been used as a main roof covering on homes for decades. However over time they have been prone to cracking and slipping out of place causing water leaks.

Repairs can be carried by inserting new slates held in place with lead straps. These repairs can be unsightly however nonetheless it is a tried and tested method for repairs to slate covered roofs. We can provide slate roof slate repair services as a holding measure prolonging the life of your roof.

If your roof is beyond repair then reroofing will be inevitable. Two options are possible as follows:

Option 1 – Using Salvage Slates

1. Carefully strip the exist slate roof and salvage those slates that are suitable for reuse
2. If the roof is in poor condition then the salvage of some of the slates may not possible
3. Reslating using a mixture of salvage slates and bought in second hand slates of a similar type and size

Option 2 – Using New Slates

1. Reslating using new slates throughout

The use of salvaged and second hand slates will be cost effective however with a shorter life span. Using brand new slates will obviously provide a longer life before the roof needs replacing again.

Careful considerations of the type of slate used in the reroofing will depend on the circumstances on-site. For example a mid-terrace will require slates in keeping with the neighbouring properties. In conservations area the type of slate used may be governed by local planning rules.

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