How To Spot Problems With Your Property

To make sure your property stays in good order inspections for signs of damage or deterioration should be carried out on a regular basis. You don’t have to be an expert to spot a potential emerging problem. A quick inspection to look for signs of emerging problems could save you thousands of pounds in unnecessary repairs in the future by identifying the problems early.

Have a look around your property and look any signs of the following:


•   Damp staining on the ceiling suggesting a leaking roof or defective flashings
•   Condensation forming in the main roof space or below floors
•   Damp staining at the bottom of ground floor walls - paper peeling off
•   Damp staining at changes in roof levels and at the chimneys
•   Damp staining around sanitary ware
•   Damp patches on walls at high level adjacent to external rainwater downpipes
•   Black mould forming or musty smell suggesting condensation


Examine your property and look out for signs of the following:

•   Cracked, missing or slipped roof slates or tiles
•   Cracked and boast plaster
•   Vegetation growing from the roof gutters
•   Damaged rainwater goods and are leaking
•   Leaking pipes
•   Missing or loose brick pointing
•   Leaking overflow pipes
•   Moss or lichen growing on the roof or walls
•   Ivy growth on a building can be attractive but can lead to many problems e.g. boast render
•   Damp staining on walls especially close to pipes
•   Blocked overflowing drains
•   Cracks walls

If any of the above problems exist and you are not sure what to do contact us and we will please to advise you on a course of action.

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