Lead flashing is an essential part if the roofs integrity. Missing or decayed flashing can result in water ingress and left undetected can cause untold damage.

We offer a full flashings service either to new roof structures or replacement of existing flashings.

Lead flashings are used on your roof where chimneys protrude through the roof slope, changes in roof levels and changes in roof direction e.g. at a bay window.

Lead flashings will perish over time either through splitting or sometimes they become dislodged and fall out of place causing water ingress. A tell tail sign of failed flashings is water staining internally to ceilings.

It is good practice to have roof flashings check periodically to ensure water tightness.

We offer specialist services for ornate or decorative features using lead with many years’ experience on listed and period type properties. We still use traditional lead work techniques to achieve the best results.

Please contact us today to arrange a free inspection of your roof flashings on 028 9068 6724 or email us on info@restorationsni.com.