Attic Conversion

A attic conversion is a great way of creating additional living space within the home. Space created by a loft conversion could be used as an extra bedroom, office or a children’s play area.

Loft conversions can be quite complicated and careful consideration is required.

We can assist with attic ideas and build service or a construction service if you already have your own designer.

From a practical point of view there are a number of loft ideas that must be considered when converting the attic area.

The first thing to decide is whether or not the space will be used only for storage or for living space.

Not all attics are suitable however for conversion.

Consider the following tips when adding habitable space in the attic. Habitable space is defined as being a room used for living or sleeping purposes.

Headroom: There should be enough headroom available to enable a person to stand comfortably within the attic space. When deciding on head space ensure that you allow for increased depth of joists under foot that will be necessary should the floor require strengthening?

Existing Services: Normally services are located in the attic space such as circulation pipes and water storage tanks. Relocating these services may be difficult and expensive.

Stairs: When considering stairs, always remember that a stairway takes up a large space and the regulations governing stairways are quite strict. If there is not enough space on the floor below the attic you may need to sacrifice a bedroom or part there off to accommodate the new stairwell.

Fire Regulations: Adding a habitable space in the attic adds an additional storey to the building, as a result the fire regulations become stricter as escape from the house becomes more problematic.

Permissions: In Northern Ireland all roof space conversions are subject to approval from Building Control. The main duty of Building Control is to ensure that works are carried out to the minimum legal standard. Works undertaken without Building Control approval may give rise to difficulties in a future sale of the property as the changes will be highlighted during the conveyancing process.

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